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Agape Insurance Services, Santa Fe NM

Let us be your trusted benefits coach.

Through all the recent changes, Agape Insurance Services has been helping New Mexican businesses with their insurance needs. Let us help you!


"Number one in my book!! Extremely professional and knowledgeable."

Business Insurance Services


Damon and Michelle Bower are small business owners and they form the team that is Agape Insurance Services. Their primary goal is to find the right insurance for your company and make the best decisions for your employees. Agape Insurance can also provide the appropriate education to help you and your employees better understand the benefits being presented.

Benefits Offered

Some of the benefits Agape Insurance might offer include; health insurance for groups of less than 50 employees, dental and vision benefits, and supplemental benefits such as short-term and long-term disability, accident plans, and of course, life insurance. We understand that running a company requires an owner or manager to be an expert in employee benefits, however, it can be time consuming and difficult to understand all the changes that have occurred in just the last few years. Agape Insurance also understands the tax implications for ownership, and can show small business owners and managers what is allowed in regards to contributions and tax deductions as a result of offering employer sponsored benefits.

Many companies prefer to work with brokers since the services of these experts are free to small business owners. Agape Insurance understands the New Mexico health insurance market and can help business owners choose the plan that best meets their needs. Your business is unique and stands out from the others, choose a team that does the same in Santa Fe with Selfless Service and Integrity as two of its leading principles.

Insurances Offerings for Business

Small Group Health

Group Dental

Group Vision

Group Life




Hospital Indemnity

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