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Agape Insurance Services, Santa Fe, NM

Compassion is what drives us.

Through all the recent changes, Agape Insurance Services has been helping New Mexicans with their personal and business needs. Let us help you!


"Damon and his wife Michelle are very friendly, personable and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with!"

We handle individual needs such as health plans, life insurance, long term care needs, and the transition to Medicare. We also have trusted partners to assist and bring resources to bare for small to medium-sized businesses, and consider ourselves someone you and your employees can trust in regards to employee benefits.

Michelle Bower has over 15 years of experience within the insurance industry. Michelle trains her compassion and drive towards ensuring that her clients have all the correct and up to date information regarding Medicare and other forms of life and health insurance. Michelle has been personally coaching individuals in and around Santa Fe in order to help them with their Medicare choices through Agape Insurance Services for the past five years. Michelle’s core belief is the application of education and understanding is key to any person navigating the many choices available in the world of Medicare.

When Michelle is not thinking about insurance, she is a mother of two young adults just beginning their own journey to personal success, and three dogs that receive much of her love and devotion. She has raised her family here in Santa Fe, with her husband of almost 25 years. Michelle channels her love of art and photography by occasionally photographing weddings and family affairs for long lasting memories. Michelle’s other passions include drawing, painting, baking at the holidays, and vacationing as close to a Disney amusement park as often as possible.

Michelle founded Agape Insurance Services with the intention of serving all New Mexicans with the highest form of love, a form of service that comes without regard for self, and can be counted on as a place for not only current truth in facts and figures, but also empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Damon Bower has been assisting individuals and small to medium sized businesses understand options and paths forward in the insurance industry for 5 years. Prior to his current career as President of Agape, he led teams of security professionals in Los Alamos, NM.  He retired as an instructor and a Platoon Leader after 22 years of service from the United States Army Reserves. Damon has a real passion for coaching and helping organizations and individuals attain their goals. A long career within and working with federal, state and local government agencies and contractors has left Damon with an itch towards politics, and he safely scratches that itch by participating as the Legislative Chair for the New Mexico chapter of National Association of Health Underwriters.


Damon enjoys taking in the scenery while mountain biking a new trail, reliving old military training days through a competitive game of paintball, or driving to a new landmark, historical site, or tourist attraction with his loving and supportive wife, Michelle. Damon’s proudest standing achievement is by far his two children that Michelle and he raised in Santa Fe with the help of a couple of boxers and a miniature pinscher/dachshund mix. He applies his love for reading and speaking by being a lector at St. Francis Cathedral Basillica, and like every other red-blooded American, loves his Mom.

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